Corporate Intelligence

How do you assess which forces will impact your business to keep a competitive edge?

In today's complex and global business environment, it is critical for companies to understand the linkages between financial value, reputation and material risk.  To achieve this, companies require the ability to have reliable and timely information and a new approach to CORPORATE INTELLIGENCE (CI).

No longer will process and tools, or static industry reports be adequate to stay competitive.   The increasingly real-time or near real-time operating environments disrupt traditional approaches to CI, removing elements of control from the hands of most companies. At Northshore , we believe our real-time approach enables companies to influence and proactively address asset evaluation, competitive, stakeholder, geopolitical risk, and market dynamics across a variety of factors throughout a company’s ecosystem.  Our Integrated CI Framework provides the intelligence, innovation and optimization to ensure our clients find their TRUE NORTH.

Northshore Consulting leverages advanced technologies to ingest millions of online media, including mainstream, blogs, and forums; social media; along with public and private trade publications and journals from over 180 countries.  We are also able to fuse a client’s private unstructured and structured data to further enhance our results.

Our Solutions

Using these advanced technologies, Northshore Consulting applies extensive industry knowledge and our corporate intelligence framework to track, and analyze brand, customers, reputation, competitive, stakeholders, strategic topics, sentiment and other entities against thousands of risks, topics areas and other elements.

For more information, pricing and how we can support your success, please contact us @ or +13468001067.

Our CI Engagement Models

Our services and engagement models can be applied to the enterprise or a segment of the business to ensure both short and long term success. For each client, we integrate their strategy, objectives, and risk tolerance to provide a “fit for purpose” solution. Corporate Intelligence can support a wide range of strategic initiatives:

  • Asset Evaluation
  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Corporate Brand Equity
  • Crisis Management
  • Geopolitical Risk
  • Investor Relations
  • M&A Due Diligence
  • Market Intelligence
  • Risk Intelligence
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Strategic Planning
  • Supplier - Vendor Intelligence
Our Solutions

For more information, pricing and how we can support your success, please contact us @ or +13468001067.