3 Reasons You Need Corporate Intelligence — Regardless of Your Size

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Corporate Intelligence (CI) isn’t just for Fortune 500 corporations any more. Regardless of your size, market, products or services, your business ecosystem—the web of interrelationships that vibrates with every move you, your customers, suppliers, or competitors make—is becoming more interconnected everyday.

Only with timely, reliable and actionable intelligence can your company position itself for success in an increasingly competitive marketplace, local or global. CI enables decision-makers to discover, understand, and proactively take control of otherwise hidden linkages between financial value, reputation and material risk.

Think you’re too small to bother with CI? Think again.

1. Online and social media can undermine any business. The rise of online and social media and other channels mean even small, niche companies may be subject to instant, potentially damaging comments and ratings. A few unhappy employees, surly customers or clever competitors can quickly impact your reputation with the reach of today’s online networks. Anyone within your ecosystem can deliver any message about you through myriad non-traditional channels.  Having the ability to understand the force, velocity and veracity of near-real time information will help improve the success of your growth strategies, reduce risk and boost financial value.

2. Information moves and changes too fast for traditional intelligence. With the almost infinite interconnectivity of the internet, information travels so fast and far that your company needs to operate in real-time, or at least near real-time. Traditional approaches to intelligence gathering—time-consuming studies, static industry reports, and look-back analyses—are no longer sufficient to sustain your competitive lead. In a crisis, for example, you must track the velocity, intensity, and relevance of constantly changing conversations and trends in order to craft the right intervention at the right time. Bad information or just bad timing can cause a bad situation to unravel rapidly.

3. The sheer number of factors you need to understand can be overwhelming. To control risk, optimize your reputation, and boost business value, you need to increase your influence over both internal and external environments. Historically, it was far easier to control internal factors such as operations, the workplace, client experience, leadership, and the quality of your products and services. Today, however, it is critical to influence or at least understand a growing variety of external factors as well—market dynamics, social and traditional media, stakeholders, competitors, and demographic shifts, to name a few.

What, then, is the solution?

A modern Corporate Intelligence capability can be scaled to fit the needs of any enterprise, empowering you to gain and retain competitive advantage. How? First, by accessing literally millions of online sources and finding correlations between any set of external parameters and your organization’s brand equity, reputation, financial value, and material risk. Second, by converting these linkages into real-time trends and actionable intelligence over which you can begin to exercise greater control.

CI is a key strategic asset and competitive advantage when developed and managed correctly. It touches all aspects of the business, from your employees to your customers and other stakeholders.  A mature CI capability goes beyond mere data capture using sophisticated technology.  To develop timely, relevant and valuable insights across your ecosystem, it must also integrate human research and decision-making processes, and serve as a platform for better collaboration and innovation.

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