tno endeavor™ reporting highlights, tips and tricks series

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Welcome to the tno endeavor reporting highlights, tips and tricks series. Within this series, we will provide information on how tno endeavor is helping non-profits gain access to their data through flexible reporting and advanced analytics. There are three types of reporting and analytics capabilities built into tno endeavor.

Functional Reporting

There are 40+ functional reports within tno endeavor, which includes the ability to export in Excel or PDF for most lists shown in the application including appointments, payments, clients with open cases and clients with referrals. These can be useful for multiple reasons including reviewing notes for consistency, creating a client list for follow up work, etc. Additionally, there are functional PDF reports embedded in tno endeavor supporting daily payment summaries, client receipts, progress notes, plan of service, and more.

Performance Management Reporting

The Performance Management Reporting is split into two categories (Outcomes and Outputs). Outcomes allow you to evaluate the impacts/benefits/changes to your clients during and/or after their participation in your programs. Outputs allow you to evaluate the units of service regarding your programs, for example, the number of people taught, counseled, sheltered, fed, clothed, enrollments, etc. You are able to define targets for your outcomes and outputs measures and report progress against those targets. Performance Management Reporting contains a tno endeavor report designer that allows you to create your own custom reports within tno endeavor. There is no limit on the number or types of Performance Management Reports you can create.

Microsoft Power BI Reporting

In addition to the reporting capabilities showcased above, tno endeavor integrated Microsoft’s Power BI to provide advanced reporting capabilities within tno endeavor. The Microsoft Power BI Reporting is split into two categories (Standard and Custom). Standard Reporting, like Functional Reporting discuss previously, is accessed by going to the functional areas of tno endeavor. For example, financial standard reports are found under Financial Operations. Standard reports support Clients, Clinical and Non-Clinical Case Management, and Operations. Custom Reporting allows customers of tno endeavor to develop their own reports using Microsoft's Power BI Desktop application and then publish the reports directly into tno endeavor where they are available for any of the customer's end-users/staff without requiring additional software outside of a supported web browser. Microsoft Power BI Desktop is currently free, does not require programming experience and is intended for business users.

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