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Northshore Consulting Group releases tno endeavor™ 2.5.0

HOUSTON; December 21, 2017 - Northshore Consulting Group, LLC. (NCG) today announced the release of tno endeavor 2.5.0. This release provides a number of enhancements and efficiencies. All subscribed customer environments are now live on the current release. “tno endeavor provides non-profits a simple to use, secure, cost-effective solution to help them gain productivity, customer engagement and flexibility,” said Steve Senterfit, CEO and Managing Partner of Northshore Consulting. “The latest release gives non-profits additional enhancements and reporting efficiencies to meet their unique needs, and better support their respective communities.". Below are the highlights for this release.

Filter Toolbar

The Filter Toolbar that appears at the top of most lists now saves the values last used by a user as part of the user's profile. This allows users to customize list to return data most relevant for them.

Household Income

The Intake and Referral Wizard, and the Client Edit Dialog have been enhanced if $0.00 is entered for Household Income.

In the Intake and Referral Wizard the user will see a Confirmation Message Dialog. The user will see the dialog box after clicking the Next button on the client page of the wizard. If the user clicks Yes then no value will be saved for Household Income. If the user clicks No then $0.00 will be saved for the Household Income.

In the Client Edit Dialog the user will see the same Confirmation Message Dialog if the user enters $0.00 for Household Income.

Performance Management

The Clients Receiving Service, Clients Receiving Service for Select Programs and Family Members Impacted Output Measure Types have been enhanced to allow the user to select which type of timesheet entries to use when calculating Output results. The use can choose between All, Approved or Submitted timesheet entries. The default is Approved. All existing reports have been updated with the Approved default.

Progress Notes

After creating a Progress Note, users now have the ability to edit the Progress Note session details. The session details include the session date, start and end times, activity and the participants. The timesheet entry (if one exists) associated with the Progress Note will be updated if the timesheet entry has not been submitted or approved.

Users can now add the Session Start and End Time columns to the Progress Note list.

The Progress Note Report has been enhanced to show the Session Start and End Times on the report.


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